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  • How many chickens do you have and how much time do they spend outside?
    We currently have 5000 chickens on our farm, we are slowly building and plan to stock a maximum of 9000. Our girls have 24/7 access to the outside, though we have taught them to sleep in the caravans for warmth and protection. We don't lock them away at night because they have the Maremma's for protection.
  • How do i know where to buy yours eggs?
    Please feel free to send us a message and let us know where you shop/ your postcode and we can give you a list of your local stockers!
  • How are you organically-minded?
    Our entire philosphy from the beginning has been to produce clean eggs, free of chemicals, antibiotics and GMO's. We do this by worming our birds naturally and feeding a clean unmedicated feed. We work on a regenerative style of farming whereby we are actually working towards improving the soil health, to make sure we always leave our little piece of earth better than when we arrived. Which in turn improves the pastures grown, which in turn leads to healthier happier livestock.Our birds spend a large portion of there day scratching for bugs and dustbathing in the soil.
  • Do you sell direct to the public?
    Unfortunately not at this point in time! We deliver our orders to our stores and cafes/restaurant on a weekly basis. We are working towards being able to sell direct to the public via this website, so please stay tuned as we figure out a way to ship fragile produce!
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