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Watson Family Produce produces pasture raised free range eggs, under the watchful eye of Maremma Guardian Dogs. Both chicken and dog are free to roam 24/7 in secure pastures ranging from 3-10acres. Never more than 950 hens to a paddock, which is half the industry standard.


Every decision we make involves three key ethics - regeneration of our soil and property, animal welfare and a stress free existence for our birds, and never faulting on our product quality. Our eggs and lamb are pasture raised by moving our stock and housing units frequently. There are no fixed shed systems here! This makes for a sustainable system producing healthy chickens and well-nourished stock and soil. 

We love providing Australian families with top quality food in there home as well as in selected cafes and restaurants. Thank you for making the conscious decision to support small farming families.



Regenerative - we build our soil health using a mixture of natural fertilizers (chicken poo!) and a mixture of native and pasture seeds. We rotationally graze to ensure we are not stripping the ground of important nutrients. 

Organically-minded and chemical free - we do not use any chemicals, medications, antibiotics or GMOs in our feed or on our pastures. We produce a clean product that is free from anything harmful!


First Generation Family-Owned Business

Watson Family Produce was founded in 2016 when Matt and Hayley decided they wanted a different life for their children. Providing top quality food to other families as well, was an added bonus - now its become the driving force for each and every day. 

Every day on Naldham involves Matt, Hayley, Cooper (7) and Charlie (4) working together to get our delicious pasture raised eggs from our paddock to your plate.

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